The Duntemann Family of DuPage County

By Jeff Duntemann

Last Updated 8/7/2000

The chart below shows the ancestry of the Duntemann/Dunteman family of northeastern Illinois, from about 1750 to about 1920. (Most branches of the family have dropped the second 'n' from the original Duntemann surname.) I've created the chart to help people discern if they are in fact descended from the line shown here. The chart is a simplification of the full Duntemann/Dunteman family tree, which now contains over 200 direct descendents of Andreas Duntemann, their spouses, and children. It's much simpler to determine if you have a grandparent or great-grandparent on the chart if the chart is limited to people born before 1920 or so, just because there are fewer names to search.

I've excluded most living persons from the chart for the sake of their privacy. For that reason I am distributing the full chart only to people who descend from those on the chart. If you feel you belong on the full chart, please let me know and I'll add you and send you an updated copy. I'm especially interested in hearing from people descended from branches of the family other than my own:

|Andreas Duntemann b.~1750
	|Heinrich Christopher Duntemann b.~1780
		|Johann Carl Christian Duntemann 1808-1863
			|Heinrich Duntemann 1843-1891
				| Frank W. Duntemann 1867-1936
					| Harry G. Duntemann 1892-1956
						|Frank W. Duntemann 1922-1978
							|Jeff Duntemann 1952-

Typographical Conventions

The chart follows common textual conventions for a descendency tree. Vertical bars indicate marriage. Siblings are listed vertically aligned, and are given in birth order, oldest at the top. Each subsequent generation is indented one level to the right.

Years followed by a hyphen indicate birth years of persons known to be alive at this writing. (Spring 1998.) Years without a hyphen are birth years where the actuality or year of death is unknown. A year preceded by a hyphen is a death year for which the birth year is unknown. Where a person is known to have been married but the spouse's name is unknown, [spouse unknown] is given. Approximate years are preceded by a tilde (~).

If you have any additions or corrections to this chart, please contact me:

Jeff Duntemann
6840 E. Lowden Drive
Cave Creek AZ 85331
(602) 488-6092

|Andreas Duntemann b.~1750
|Charlotte Kast
	|Heinrich Christopher Duntemann b.~1780
	|Sophie Charlotte Albrechtin Duntemann
		|Johann Carl Christian Duntemann 1808-1863
		|Millizena Erdmann Duntemann 1814-1896
			Amelia Duntemann 1834?
			Hannah Duntemann 1836?
			Laura Duntemann 1841?
			|Heinrich Duntemann 1843-1891
			|Dorothea Banger Duntemann 1843-1917
				|Ella Duntemann Henjes 1865-1949
				|Fred Henjes 1863-1949
					|Elma Henjes Meyer 1891-1951
					|Fred Meyer 1889-1969
					|Martha Henjes Gieske 1892-1989
					|Herman Gieske 1890-1952
					Edna Henjes 1895-1974
					|Rose Henjes Paton 1906-1988
					|Robert Paton 1907-1986
				| Frank W. Duntemann 1867-1936
				| Martha Winkelmann Duntemann 1871-1967
					| Harry G. Duntemann 1892-1956
					| Sade Genevieve Prendergast Duntemann 1892-1965
					| Elvin F. Duntemann 1895-1979
					| Ila Byrne Duntemann 1894-1977
				|George Dunteman 1869-?
				|Bertha Wischstadt 1869-?
					|Edna Dunteman Grupe 1894-?
					|Henry Grupe 1893-1963
					|Edwin Dunteman 1898-1981
					|Ella Edecker Dunteman
					|Laura Dunteman Fessler 1900-1987
					|August Fessler 1897-1988
				Edwin Duntemann 1871-1882
				|Albert H. Dunteman 1874-1949
				|Malinda Franzen Dunteman 1880-1954
					Florence Dunteman
					|Lenard Dunteman 1906-1992
					|Grace Stippick Dunteman1909-1978
					Evelyn Dunteman
					Eleanor Dunteman 1913-1993
					|Norman B. Dunteman 1919-1993
					|Margaret Nancarrow Dunteman
				|William Fred Dunteman 1876-1939
				|Martha Henjes Dunteman 1878-1971
					|Mildred Ida Amanda Dunteman Oswald 1904-1994
					|Robert Oswald 1901-1990
					|Orland F. Dunteman 1909-1976
					|1st:Imogene Todd Dunteman
					|2nd:Zerla Lee Dunteman 1923-1973
				Rosa Louise Caroline Duntemann 1878-1882
				|Henry Dunteman 1881-1962
				|1st: Ida Freundt Dunteman 1884-1942
				+	|Erna Dunteman Dohe 1904-1959
				+	|Albert Dohe 1896-1961
						Vern Dohe 1927-1966
				+	|Roland W. Dunteman 1909-1993
				+	|Edna Andersen Dunteman
				+	|Dorothy Dunteman Heidersbach
				+	|Robert Heidersbach 1912-1985
				+	|Howard Dunteman 1913-1985
				+	|1st: Mildred Dunteman 1919-1944
				+	|2nd: Wilma Dunteman
				|2nd: Laura Bromelkamp Seipe Dunteman 1891-1958
			Frederick Duntemann b. 1846
			|William Duntemann 1849-1921
			|Wilhelmina Nuernberg Duntemann 1859-1926
				|Herman Duntemann b. 1879
				|Elsie Duntemann
					Raymond Duntemann
				Otto Duntemann 1881-1881 (2 months)
				|Henry Duntemann 1882?
				|Faye Granes Dunteman
					|Calvin Duntemann
					|Mary Duntemann
				|Ida Duntemann Masonick 1884-1965
				|Joseph A. Masonick 1880-1946
				|William Duntemann
				|Maude ? Duntemann
				|Melcena Duntemann Butenschoen 1886-1970
				|Gustav Butenschoen 1883-1968
				|Alice Duntemann Butenschoen 1897-1975
				|Edward Butenschoen 1897-1963
                   |Louis Duntemann 1851-1928
                   |Emma Goede 1861-1931
                   |Herman Duntemann 1859-1933
                   |Emma Stellman 1863-1920